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Escape Rooms: What It Is and Its Benefits

Are you familiar of escape rooms? Why these rooms are very popular nowadays? In here, you will learn what escape rooms are and its benefits.

What Escape Room Is?

These are adventure games where team of individuals are locked inside a room and are tasked in finding clues, hints and strategies to solve puzzles and to complete objectives for them to find the key and escape the room. Usually, they only have limited time to solve the problems or puzzles. Only players above 10 years of age are permitted to play these games. If these escape rooms arouse your interests, then be sure to peruse this article further. These games are created based on real-life adventures to test the skills of players.

How It Works

In here, teams only have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles based on the clues and hints they find inside the room. Each team comprises of only 12 players.

You have the choice to play the game with other teams or you will rent the escape room for all the sessions. However, there are instances where your team will be the only ones playing, should there be on other teams renting the room.

Teams are requested to arrive early, at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the games. Otherwise, you will disrupt the games. Team members aren’t allowed to bring alcohol, beverages, and foods in the escape rooms except their phones. Teams are also prohibited to take photographs inside the escape rooms.

To prevent booking problems, teams should make reservations several days or weeks in advance. Remember that teams are not allowed to request for refunds or change of schedules, especially when they arrive late. Should you decide to quit, your game is over but the other teams can continue playing the game.

Knowing the Advantages of Playing Escape Rooms

1. These games encourage team work.

2. In these games, your problem solving skills will be enhanced.

3. Team members can test not just their skills but also their wits when solving the puzzles for a limited time frame.

4. It also establishes rapport and camaraderie among team members.

5. It is an effective way to bond with friends, colleagues and family members. For teams that decide to quit, they should press a designated button so they can go out the room.

Should you want to play the escape room in the coming days, then be sure to adhere to the guidelines and tips found in here.

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